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Pre-Op Instructions for Surgery

  • We are located at 1721 Magnavox Way, Suite A, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804.

  • You will be given an arrival time during your pre-op call and through your pre-op text message.

  • You should have no solid foods after midnight the night before your surgery. You are allowed to have clear liquids from the approved list up to 2 hours before your scheduled arrival time.

  • Approved clear liquids include:

    • Water

    • Clear fruit juices such as apple juice, cranberry juice, and grape juice

    • Plain tea or black coffee – NO milk or creamer

    • Clear, electrolyte-replenishing drinks such as Pedialyte, Gatorade, or Powerade – NO yogurt or pulp-containing “smoothies"

    • If you are unsure, please call the Surgery Center of Fort Wayne at 260-250-0001 to clarify. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in cancellation of your surgery.

  • You will need to have a responsible adult (over 16) driver to take you home after your procedure and stay with you for the day.

  • Medications:

    • You may take your medications the morning of your procedure unless told otherwise, up until 2 hours prior to your arrival. Please take any blood pressure and seizure medications if applicable.

    • If you take insulin or have an insulin pump, please give us a call for special instructions if you haven’t heard from us.

    • You can resume all daily medication once you get home after your surgery.

    • If you take blood thinners and have not heard from us, please give us a call to discuss when you should stop your medication.

  • If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, please make sure we have your manufacturer and cardiologist on file.

  • If you have had any previous complications with anesthesia or any family history of anesthesia complications such as malignant hyperthermia, please let us know.

  • We ask that you leave all jewelry and valuables at home.

  • Please do not shave prior to surgery. If necessary, we will take care of that for you.

  • If you have an advance directive or living will, please bring a copy with you.

  • Please bring your insurance card and driver’s license with you the day of surgery.

  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. You will have to change into a gown once you get here.

  • If you wear glasses, contacts, dental appliances, or hearing aids they will need to be removed prior to surgery.

  • If you have had any exposure or any signs/symptoms of COVID 19 in the past 5 days, please give us a call at 260-250-0001.

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